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Geoprobe, Probe Sampling and CME-55LCX in Levittown, PA 19067

Geoprobe & Probe Sampling in Levittown PA 19067 | AmeriDrill, Inc.

We provide Geoprobe Services and Probe Sampling in Levittown, PA 19067.

Our Geoprobe Equipment for Levittown, PA

Extracting soil and water samples for environmental testing can be accomplished with a Geoprobe. AmeriDrill has a 66DT Track Mounted Low Profile Probe and a 7822DT Geoprobe that are capable of advancing probe borings in tight access areas in Levittown, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. These geoprobes can also take water samples and install 2" diameter wells when Hollow Stem Auger (HSA) or Air Percussion Rotary Drilling (APR) capabilities are used. Every aspect of our probing is done in accordance with rules and regulations in the state and county in which the probing is being conducted.

AmeriDrill recently purchased a 420M Probe. The 420M Probe is great for indoor drilling and tight access areas. Be sure to keep the 420M Probe in mind for your drilling projects in the Levittown, PA 19067 area.

There are various uses for probing, including site investigation, soil & water sampling, and monitoring well installation. At AmeriDrill, Inc., we also have vertical and angled probing methods that can be used around Levittown.

AmeriDrill's newest Drill Rig is the CME-55LCX. This is a track-mounted, low clearance Drill Rig that is compact and powerful.

Geoprobing in Levittown, PA 19067

At AmeriDrill, Inc., we provide track-mounted Drill Rigs to Environmental Consultants in the Levittown area. The Probe and CME-55 Drill Rigs can be used for several purposes, including:

We provide our clients with the best Geoprobing machinery available, including the 7822DT Probe. Used in conjunction with our exceptional team and cost-effective services, all of your Levittown, PA Geoprobing needs can be met quickly.

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