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Vacuum Extraction in Bucks County, PA

Vacuum Extraction in Bucks County, PA | AmeriDrill Inc.

We provide Vacuum Extraction in Bucks County, PA. Vacuum Extraction is the best, most affordable, non-intrusive and minimally invasive method to detect, locate and clear underground utilities for your Bucks County project, including gas, water, electric and fiber optic service lines.

Bucks County Vacuum Extraction

We are a leading drilling company in the Bucks County, Pennsylvania area, offering vacuum extraction and soft dig. We bring a combined 100+ years of experience and quality service to vacuum extraction and soft dig projects in Bucks County and surrounding areas.

VACMASTERS 1000 in Bucks County, PA

The VACMASTERS 1000 Air-Vacuum Excavation System is used for utility clearing in the first five feet of boring locations prior to drilling programs. Some of the greatest aspects of the VACMASTERS 1000 are that it is extremely cost effective, while maintaining high performance and results. The VACMASTERS 1000 is also highly portable, so it can be used for all vacuum extraction needs in the Bucks County, PA area. The low cost, high productivity VACMASTERS 1000 has assisted in countless vacuum extractions in various terrains and soils.

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At AmeriDrill, Inc. we pride ourselves on encompassing every facet of the drilling industry. This includes not only vacuum extraction and soft digs, but also Horizontal Drilling, Vertical Drilling, Geoprobe and more. For more information on our vacuum extraction, soft dig services or the VACMASTERS 1000, contact us today. Our vacuum extraction service can be used in Bucks County, PA and surrounding NJ, PA, MD, DE and NY areas.

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