Hollow Stem Auger & Air Rotary Drilling in PA & NJ

Hollow Stem Auger Drilling in Philadelphia, PA

Hollow Stem Auger (HSA) drilling is an effective method to use when needing to install a well or for Environmental and Geotechnical sampling. Hollow Stem Auger Drilling can be a complex method when it comes to drilling, so it is imperative to find a company highly experienced in the process. At AmeriDrill, Inc. our team is licensed and trained in the Hollow Stem Auger method of drilling. We have been providing clients in Delaware and Pennsylvania with Hollow Stem Auger drilling for years and are considered a leader in the field. At AmeriDrill, Inc. our HSA drill rigs have the ability to perform core drilling and Air Percussion Rotary (APR) at all Pennsylvania and Delaware drill sites.
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Air Rotary Drilling in New Jersey

Our core drilling at AmeriDrill Inc. is accomplished with NQ2 HQ drilling to depths as deep as 600+ feet Below Ground Surface (BGS). Core drilling is generally used to determine bedrock quality and bedrock fractured zones.

Along with the Hollow Stem Auger capabilities AmeriDrill, Inc. has high-pressure air compressors that can be used to perform Air Percussion Rotary functionality when your job site encounters bedrock. This enables the crew to remain on the job and continue without interruption saving you time and money that would otherwise be incurred in the Pennsylvania and Delaware areas. APR is high pressure air drilling that is advanced in boreholes in bedrock from 4 inches to 14 inches in diameter. This can be for water wells, geothermal wells, production wells, and environmental monitoring wells. Ameridrill has two T3 Air Rotary Drill Rigs that are able to drill 8″ bedrock boreholes to 400′ depths. Our core drilling and Air Percussion Rotary services are available to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and Maryland.

Drill Rigs Available to Delaware and Pennsylvania including the Philadelphia and Bucks County area.

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  • CME 75 (HSA Drill Rig)
  • CME 85 (HSA Drill Rig)
  • IR T3
  • Navistar T3
  • 7822DT Probe
  • 66DT Probe
  • 420m Probe

These Drill Rigs are available for work in PA and NJ.

For more information on our Hollow Stem Auger methods Air Percussion Rotary Drilling and Core Drilling, contact us now.

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