Proper Methods for Safe Installations of Monitoring Wells

In the attempt to keep better records of well installations and the geology of specific areas, there are some new permitting requirements for a number of counties in PA. Chester County and Bucks County both require permits prior to the installation of any type of well, including Monitoring Wells. Here at AmeriDrill, Inc., we service the tri-state area, and comply to all standards associated with the proper installation of Monitoring Wells.

Pennsylvania is not the only state that requires permitting. In NJ, The NJDEP requires all permitted wells to be surveyed after they are installed, and other states are beginning to implement the same procedures. When you’re looking for drilling services in PA and NJ, we have the experience and attention to detail required to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by state.

Although permitting is not required for a drilling company in Philadelphia, well records still need to be submitted to the PA DCNR. AmeriDrill is a licensed PA Well Driller and will be sure to submit the proper paperwork to PA to close out a drilling project.

When hiring AmeriDrill, you can be sure that all required permitting and submittals will be completed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations set forth by all states and counties that AmeriDrill is licensed to drill in. AmeriDrill employees (both office and field staff) are well versed in the requirements by each state and county and will not only get the job done, but will also provide you with a finalized report from the state or counties once they are approved.