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Benefits of Using a Geoprobe for Soil Sampling

Friday, March 28th, 2014

With spring time officially here—though it may not feel like it just yet—we are getting started with our geoprobing and soil sampling. After all, it’s growing season. Natural resources need a healthy living environment, and soil, as well as groundwater, plays an important role. When soil is not receiving the energy and resources needed, or land is constantly being built on top of soil, chances of contamination greatly increase.

Though we offer many drilling services in PA, our geoprobe drilling is genuinely beneficial to the environment. We push tools and sensors through the surface of the ground without using a drill to remove the soil or groundwater, providing you with accurate tests and samples. How can this be done? Our geoprobing machines are hydraulically powered to apply static force into the subsurface of the ground. No drills needed. Plus, when you have a hard to reach area, or difficult access for a drill rig, geoprobing is the precise solution. We call it direct push.

But, this blog is titled benefits of using a geoprobe for your soil sampling. Aside from the fact that it is environmentally efficient and provides access to hard to reach—soil rich—areas for excellent samples, here are a few more. With our quality machines, we can provide you with an accurate sampling in a short amount of time. Direct push boring leaves the soil and surrounding areas clean of mud and spoils. Additionally, the geoprobe machines speed up your sampling process, so you know where you have contaminated soil on your property.

Perhaps what makes geoprobing the most beneficial for your Pennsylvania property is the accuracy. Your soil cores will be left undisturbed, and we’ll be able to generate 3D profiles to your site. Our advanced machinery is benefit enough, but the quality we produce puts us over the top.

Our geoprobe methods are cost-effective, reduce your footprint, are completed quickly, and can reach depths hundreds of feet into the subsurface of the ground. When you need a drilling company in PA to test your soils and groundwater, you know we have the reputation and proper equipment that will be completed within the grounds of state standards.

Auger Boring

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Auger boring is used as a safe method for installing pipes and cable ducts in soft stable ground conditions such as clay and soils with contained cobbles while supporting the ground. It is a popular option used for installing utilities under railroads, highways, and levies, because the process retains the soils within the casing reducing the chances of obtaining ground settlement from excavation.

The auger boring process involves the use of an auger boring machine to rotate an auger chain or a flight positioned within a casing pipe that is fitted to a cutter head at the front of the casing. The rotating cutter head, is somewhat larger in diameter compared to the casing pipe, which digs the soil in front of the casing. The soil obtained is then transported back to the machine through the helical auger chain where it is removed by hand or by machine.

The auger boring machine progresses along a track, that is lined up to drive the casing pipe on the designed installation line. Once the auger machine reaches the end of the track arrangement, the auger chain is disconnected from the machine and the machine is moved back to the original starting point on the track where a new casing segment is welded to the existing casing pipe, and a new auger chain connected to the machine and to the existing chain/cutter head.

The excavation process is repeated until the intended project is completed. Once completed the auger chain is withdrawn from the casing pipe and cleaned of all the remaining soil so it is ready to use for the next project.

There are several advantages to using the auger boring process. For example,

-The auger machine can operate from a shaft as small as 2.40mØ

-The process uses a dry method of installation that does not generate slurry

-The procedure does not disrupt the surface, buildings, road, river, rail or traffic

-Boring underground allows for the working area to be confined to points of entry and exit only

-It is not disrupted by surface obstacles

-Can be used to install pipes in changeable ground conditions

-The process is quick and has lower overall costs


What Is Environmental Drilling Used For?

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Environmental Drilling is used to determine the existence of contamination in soil or groundwater. Distinct undisturbed soil and groundwater samples are recovered from the subsurface in order to evaluate, monitor, and re-mediate contamination impacting the environment, typically in industrial areas, landfills and fuel stations.

The use of direct push (probe) equipment is an excellent way to quickly extract samples of high integrity. Such methods are used when conditions permit while hard or unstable soils may require the use of rotary drilling methods.

Capabilities typically utilized for environmental drilling include:

-Direct push (probe)

-Groundwater sampling

-Well development monitoring

-Well installation/decommissioning monitoring

-Explosive gas probe installation

-Bioremediation product injection

-Sample preservation

Environmental drilling, sampling is generally done for phase II, and phase III environmental assessments of commercial, government, and residential properties. By drilling through the soils and desired waters, investigations of the soil and water can be. This process closely scrutinizes the quality of soil and groundwater before, during, and after geotechnical and water well drilling. Soil core and rock core sampling and the establishment of monitoring wells allow for the close monitoring of potential contaminants and hazardous substances, while services like well abandonment assist with the recovery of resources and sealing off of potential pollutants.

Drilling Professionals You Can Count On

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

At AmeriDrill, Inc. every drilling job, large or small, is handled by an entire drilling team who is licensed, experienced, prompt and complete jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible. Whether you need directional drilling, horizontal drilling, vertical drilling, environmental drilling, geotechnical drilling, or augering we have the right team, tools, and expertise to get your job done right.

When it comes to finding the right driller for your drilling job, you need to consider:

Experience – With over 75 years of drilling experience we are one of the most trusted drilling companies for the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area. We cover every aspect of the drilling industry and our drillers have completed drilling projects of all sizes. Ranging from soil investigations to installing geothermal systems, to water well drilling, and more. You can count on top of the line equipment and workers.

Time – Select a driller you can count on for timely performance. We do it right the first time to make sure that your directional drilling, vertical drilling, horizontal drilling, environmental drilling or geotechnical drilling needs are met efficiently and correctly.

Equipment – Ensure your driller has the best equipment for your specific drilling job. Our wide range of equipment is current, well maintained, clean, and flexible enough to turn whatever drilling challenge you have into a success

Easy To Work With – Drilling is challenging. Select a driller that is prepared to manage the challenges effectively, keep your job on track and work well with other professionals on your project.

Contact us for more information. Whether you need a well drilled, construction, environmental drilling, or geothermal drilling. Our professional drilling teams can deliver the results you are looking for and will help make your project run smoothly.

Whether you are Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland or Delaware contact us today to start your drilling job in the right direction.


What is Geoprobe Drilling?

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

A Geoprobe is a hydraulically-powered, direct push machine that uses static force as well as dynamic percussion force to drive steel boring rods into the sub-surface at a variety of depths in order to assist in sub-surface sampling. The use of the direct push technique refers to tools being pushed into the ground without the use of drilling to remove soil or to make a path for the tool. The Geoprobe has become a quick, clean, and economical upgrade from the conventional environmental drilling equipment. It is able to work in areas not reachable by other drill rigs. By attaching a variation of sampling tools to the steel bore rods, the Geoprobe is able to collect soil, soil-gas, and groundwater samples. If a variety of electronic probes are attached to the steel bore rods the Geoprobe is capable of providing continuous in-situ measurements of subsurface properties (soil core sampling, discrete soil sampling), coring for monitor well installations, and more.

The Geoprobe direct push technology is also more cost effective than using conventional drill rigs when completing soil borings or installing wells. The use of direct push tools makes sampling speeds much faster, and fewer wastes are generated for disposal. Also, using test borings by direct push technology provides accurate ground water sample results, defines the water table interface, and can be used for the measurement of other physical parameters for in-site investigations.

Some Geoprobe Advantages Over Conventional Drilling Include:

. Accurate Soil Profiling: Undisturbed soil cores allows for vertical profiling capability in order to generate three-dimensional profiles of a site.

.Accurate Groundwater Profiling: Direct Push drilling is capable of collecting depth-discrete groundwater samples to detect contaminated layers.

.Sample Quality: Soil samples recovered in plastic liners for volatile organics are not exposed to the atmosphere before dispatch to the laboratory.

.Cleanliness: There is no water or drilling muds present during direct push boring.

.Rate of Work: The direct push boring provides data at a faster rate when required.

.Reduced Drill Spoil: Dual-tube sampling allows for a smaller volume of drill spoil required for safe disposal.

.Mobility and Access: With the Geoprobe you have access to confined areas.

Why Choose AmeriDrill, Inc. for Your Drilling Project

Monday, November 28th, 2011

If you are looking for highly experienced and insured workers for any or all of your drilling needs contact AmeriDrill, Inc., today.  With over 75 years of experience, we are one of the most trusted drilling companies in the Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland area. Whether your drilling needs are to be performed on land, water, rough terrain, horizontally, or in difficult access areas, AmeriDrill, Inc. provides the best equipment needed to get the job done right the first time.

Our highest quality drilling services include geotechnical, environmental or directional drilling, as well as probing and auger boring.  The things that make us a reliable and efficient horizontal directional drilling (HDD) company is that we use top of the line HDD materials and technologies to save you time and money in order to ensure you meet deadlines and budgets.  Our extensive directional drilling experience spans various East Coast locations and the most challenging terrains including those under highways, railroads, as well as heavily populated streets.

If you are searching for an experienced geoprobing company, AmeriDrill offers two 66DT Track Mounted Profile Probes that are capable of advancing probe borings in tight and hard to reach areas all around New Jersey and New York.  The Geoprobing can be used for a variety of reasons including:  extracting soil and water samples for environmental testing, advancing probe borings in tight access areas, and also taking water samples as well as installing ½ diameter wells when Hallow Stem Auger (HSA) or Air Percussion Rotary (APR) capabilities are used.

Executing a successful horizontal auger boring is no easy task, but with our highly certified, trained and insured team we make the auger boring process run more smoothly while saving you time and money.  In heavily trafficked areas such as Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York, using the auger boring is the best choice.  Not only do we meet all industry standards, but we surpass them by using state-of-the-art auger boring techniques and premier horizontal auger boring equipment. At AmeriDrill, Inc. we have built a reputation based on quality and safety.  We take great pride in ensuring that our client’s needs are being met with the best techniques in order to meet and exceed all their wishes.  With a team like AmeriDrill, Inc., you can have peace of mind knowing our crew is there each and every step of the way during your drilling project.  Remember our services are exceptional and we cover every aspect of the drilling industry!

From All Of Us Here At Ameridrill, Inc., May This Holiday Season Be Filled With Many Memorable Moments With Your Family And Friends.  Happy Holidays!