Proper Methods for Safe Installations of Monitoring Wells

In the attempt to keep better records of well installations and the geology of specific areas, there are some new permitting requirements for a number of counties in PA. Chester County and Bucks County both require permits prior to the installation of any type of well, including Monitoring Wells. Here at AmeriDrill, Inc., we service the tri-state area, and comply to all standards associated with the proper installation of Monitoring Wells.
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Benefits of Using a Geoprobe for Soil Sampling

With spring time officially here—though it may not feel like it just yet—we are getting started with our geoprobing and soil sampling. After all, it’s growing season. Natural resources need a healthy living environment, and soil, as well as groundwater, plays an important role. When soil is not receiving the energy and resources needed, or land is constantly being built on top of soil, chances of contamination greatly increase.
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AmeriDrill Takes a Look at a Few Really Deep Drills

For over 15 years, AmeriDrill has been a local industry leader in horizontal, vertical, and geothermal drilling. In fact, AmeriDrill has become known as one of the most experienced and versatile drilling companies in NJ. The highly trained staff and cutting edge equipment at AmeriDrill allow them to take on some major projects. Whether it is a geo-probe at 200 feet below surface or pipe ramming for a major industrial project, AmeriDrill can do it all. That being said, from time to time, the folks at AmeriDrill like to take a monet and admire the engineering and drilling feats that take place around the world.
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Enormous Financial and Ecological Benefits with Geothermal Drilling

AmeriDrill has been in the drilling industry for the better part of a century. With over 75 years of experience as a drilling company in PA, AmeriDrill has watched the world continuously search for varying forms of renewable energy. Certain trends simply never gain traction because of upfront costs or other factors. However, geothermal energy is a largely untapped renewable source of energy that has been available to consumers for a number of years. In fact, the concept of utilizing heat from below the earth’s surface has been around for centuries. Unfortunately, geothermal energy has not become widely popular due to limitations in direct electricity production. However, there are some major financial and ecological benefits associated with geothermal drilling.
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AmeriDrill Takes a Look at the World’s Largest Rammer


AmeriDrill has been in the drilling industry for over 75 years. Customers can rely on AmeriDrill for a whole host of needs. In fact, AmeriDrill has become a regional industry leader for a variety of services, including: geothermal drilling, environmental drilling, vertical drilling, horizontal drilling, and much more. As a part of horizontal drilling expertise, AmeriDrill has a great deal of experience in pipe bursting and ramming. Needless to say, the staff at AmeriDrill were very interested and excited to hear about a piece of equipment claiming to be the world’s largest ramming hammer.
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